Monday, August 18, 2008

Using the Passion of God's Design

As most everyone in the world knows, Michael Phelps has made world history by entering eight Olympic swimming events, receiving a gold medal placement in each event, and breaking countless world and Olympic records this year in Beijing. It is absolutely amazing to watch this man slice through the waters and leaving other gifted athletes frantically swimming in his wake!

So what makes Phelps such an amazing swimmer? Quite literally, he was designed that way! His super long wing span, short powerful legs, double jointed ankles, and massive sized hands and feet make him the perfect human torpedo! Not only does Phelps have the body to sustain his amazing performance, he also has the passion and drive to compete in the highly competitive sport of swimming. He works relentlessly to excel in this field as well as shape and hone his body and skills in order to be a successful athlete. Not only does Phelps have the body, drive, and passion, but he is also known to have the heart to become a role model to countless youth around the globe! That's quite a tall order!

So this got me to thinking... how many of us are walking around this world, designed by God for a specific purpose, but not responding to that purpose? I read somewhere that Phelps was teased as a child because of some of the very aspects of his physique that make him the swimmer he is today. Is it possible that we too may be experiencing those criticisms? Could it be that the very things we hate/loath about our bodies are also the very things God has blessed us with in order to help us excel in some way? Is it possible that many of us are walking around never truly finding the thing God intended us to be passionate about? Could it be that the very history that pains us so, may be the very thing that sculpts us into the man or woman that God intends us to become? Although your journey may not be leading to something as acclaimed as becoming an Olympic super star, perhaps it is something that is equally impressive in God's eyes?

So before you scoff at that horrid past or negate some feature that makes you the perfect you, perhaps we should first pray that God helps us to discover the hidden passion He has designed for us.

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