Friday, May 29, 2009

Heading into Month 4 - Things are going GREAT! PLUS, NEW MUSIC to share!!

James and I went to the doctors earlier this week... things were looking GREAT for the baby. Everything looked really good with my blood work, all my symptoms and measurements were within ideal range, and the baby's heartbeat is continuing strong in the 140s. All in all we are feeling really great about this pregnancy! I talked to the doctor about my migraines and she did say I could take my Imitrex if I really needed to... but the way she said that made me think I needed to use that as a last resort whenever possible. If it comes down to me dealing with a migraine or risking the baby's well being, I think I can suck it up and cope with a little pain. Hopefully it is a moot point though, aside from a few headaches, I haven't had any migraine episodes since the last one.

I have been having some of the strangest cravings lately. The other day I actually made James run to the store to buy me watermelon. I don't even remember the last time watermelon came to mind, but somehow that day I NEEDED it. LOL! Of course, like the awesome dad he is, he went without hesitation to pick some up for me. And let me tell you, that was the BEST watermelon I have ever had in my life! I can't say that all my cravings have been good for me though... yesterday I wanted chips and french onion dip. I can't even begin to fathom why, but that's what I had to have. And of course, I try to give into my cravings (at least in moderation) whenever possible. For one, if I ignore the cravings, I make everyone around me miserable. LOL! I try not to, but I can't help it - it makes me grouchy not to get what I want when I want it! LOL! For another, someone once told me the cravings are a natural part of pregnancy that tells you what your body needs at the time it needs it. I can't even begin to guess what my body needed from chips and dip, but hey, who am I to question Mother Nature?? ;-)

Last Wednesday was the last day for our Ladies Bible study at church. Boo! Lynda, Donna, and I have been doing the music for each week at that event. We have all had so much fun playing/singing with each other again!! In addition to an awesome "feast" at the last session, we were also delighted to receive roses and a recording of some of the music we performed for the ladies. It was such a sweet gift! And even though I don't necessarily like to hear myself sing, even I have to admit that this cd is actually really impressive. It includes a few of the best recordings of Lynda and I together, and as always, Donna plays the piano like a dream! It is really quite fun to listen to! I handed a couple of copies out to friends and family members with stellar feedback. I am posting a few on my blog (below) for others to hear too. Try to let them all load before playing or they will sound choppy. Also, keep in mind these are LIVE recordings, so you may hear a few musical flubs. :-) If these work, please let me know what you think. :-)

Song List:

1. You Are Still Holy. I am singing lead and that angel's voice backing me up is Lynda. :-)

2. Knees to the Earth - I am leading, Lynda backing me up

3. Holy Spirit Come - I am leading, Lynda backing

4. Breathe - Lynda is leading, I am singing backup

5. Pure and Holy Passion - I am singing lead, Lynda backup

6. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus - I am singing lead, Lynda backup

7. My Heart Your Home - I am singing lead, Lynda backup

8. Emmanuel - Lynda singing lead, me on backup

9. Captivate Us - Lynda singing lead, me on backup

10. One - Lynda singing lead, me on backup

11. Hungry - I am singing lead, Lynda backup

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big News for the Higginbotham Family...

Hello everyone! Sorry, again, for the lapse in blogging... we have been super busy in the Higginbotham house with lots and lots of PTA stuff, school activities, work, etc. I just can't believe that summer is a mere weeks away - where has this year gone?? Kayla is doing FANTASTIC in school. She is beginning to read on her own and comes up with some of the most amazing things at times. Her strongest area is math and computer - definitely her daddy's girl!!

This past Mother's Day we spent the majority of the day in the ER with her.... she fell down at McDonalds and her ankle proceeded to swell up to three times the normal size!! UGH! We were afraid it was broken, but it appears to have been a minor sprain. After having a "splint" type device on, and keeping it elevated for a day, she seems to be back to her old self again. It was pretty obvious that she was on the path of recovery when I walked in on her dancing her little toosh off to the Wiggles cd. Yep, she is a trooper for sure!

We have some BIG news for our family.... WE ARE PREGNANT!!! James and I recently found out that we were expecting another baby some time in November!! YEAH!! We are super excited!! I have been feeling pretty good... morning sickness has been the biggest issue, but I know that is a good sign that things are going well. I have also been very tired and my brain doesn't always work at full capacity, but otherwise I'm fine. We went to our first sonogram a few weeks ago and found that the baby's heartbeat was strong at 130 beats/min. (Apparently anything between 120 and 135 is healthy.) We have decided that this little one is taking after his/her daddy already - over-achiever for sure! We have plans to find out the baby's sex as soon as we can next month. James and I will be thrilled regardless, but we are kind of hoping for a boy to finish out our family set. Kayla has placed an order for a girl. :-) I think she is going to be an awesome big sister!!

We would really appreciate your prayers as we progress through the pregnancy. We just want everything to go as smoothly as possible this time around and are excited to see who God has bless our family with! I promise to try to keep you posted on how things are going when I can.