Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Being Thankful for the Small Stuff

My sweet daughter just lost her first front tooth. Although she has lost a couple on the bottom, that top front tooth was a nightmare for her to get out. It was wiggly and giggly for a couple of months before it finally let go. It hung on so long it actually turned black before falling out! I really hated seeing that happen as well as hearing her worries that someone might make fun of her, but thankfully no one seemed to notice and the little bugger let loose and finally it was done! YEA!

While we were talking about her newly lost tooth, and looking at the buds of her permanent tooth already poking through the gum, she asked me, "Momma, where do those new teeth come from?" I explained to her what little I know about baby teeth... We get baby teeth because our mouths are not big enough as a baby to hold a full set of teeth. Later, when we grow big enough to house bigger teeth, God designed our bodies to allow the little ones fall out to make room for the new big ones. I also told her what I had come to believe about baby teeth... they are God's way of giving you practice. No child can be perfect at brushing and flossing while trying to learn to potty train!! And what kid could pass up a chocolate cookie or ice cream right before bed?? And do you really think they can remember to brush after?? So, it's my belief that God gives us a few extra years to get that other stuff down so that when we are big enough to start mastering good oral hygiene for real, those new teeth are coming in to reap the rewards! I know, it's not exactly a scientific theory or anything, but can you argue the logic?? LOL!

It was this conversation that left my daughter looking at me in awe. "Wow! Momma, God sure does a lot for us!" That nearly made me tear up! She got it! Something as simple as knowing God already had a plan for another tooth helped my daughter see how amazing our Father is at taking care of us! So why is it that I can't trust in Him to take care of my big things?? Jesus said in Matthew 18:3, ""Truly I say to you, unless you are converted and become like children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven." This is what he was taling about! Unless we are able to think like babes and trust in Him with every aspect of our lives, we will never understand what it means to be free from our sins. We must believe He has a plan, and walk knowing we are not alone. He is there for us in our every breath, our every hope, and even our every tooth! God is so awesome!

What are the little things you have neglected to be thankful for? How about that hot shower in the morning? the warm coffee in your mug? the ability to have that Bible sitting across your lap during your quiet times? And what are those big worries that have you down? Rent? Taxes? Relationships? Be thankful and trust that God has it all under control! After all, if He has a plan for your teeth, He will also have a plan for your life!

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