Saturday, July 7, 2007

My Weight Loss Struggle

Recently, I made the decision to try and get myself healthy! Yay! Of course, when I was twenty-six I made this same attempt and was massively successful before becoming pregnant and gaining every pound, and then some, back. My ever fought battle with weight is not a new thing for me. Since my horrible teen years I have fought, and lost, the battle of the bulge in reoccurring cycles. Gain massively, lose massively, gain even more, lose even less... you get the idea.

To put it bluntly, I was a fat baby, fatter toddler, and even fatter teen. My chubby cheeks were my trademark, and nearly every person in my life repeatedly felt the need to remind me that I was a big fatty. (DUH! Like I didn't know!) It was not until I turned 18 and discovered laxatives and starvation diets that I gained any "real" ground in this area - and even after I starved my genetically large frame down to a scrawny size 7 with my skin pulling tauntly over every bone, it wasn't long before I once again lost that small battle to the beckoning lure of McDonalds French fries and ice cold Cokes. Of course, as I grew older, my taste buds seem to develop even greater preferences for chips and queso and the sweetest iced tea anyone person could endure. (My dearest friend refers to this yummy delicacy as "humming bird feed", although I would venture a guess that even a precious little hummer would label my tea as "too sweet"for every day consumption.)

For about six months I have been watching my diet (for the most part) and walking over three miles five days a week. Of course, there were a few days when that wasn't possible, but I stuck to this routine to the best of my ability. Unfortunately, the excess poundage has refused to budge from my ever expanding backside. So, here I am 5'5'' (rounded up) and 217 pounds (rounded down, of course) but with the greatest calves of my entire life! What can I say, at least I look pretty nice in heels! LOL! (But, then of course, I can't wear them for any length of time without waving my arms around frantically and reaching out to grab a hold of anything to keep me from actually taking flight.) Needless to say, I really NEED to get my weight under control. My dreams of having another child are quickly fading with ever additional pound I gain - no way could this frame take baby weight on top of my fat slob weight! But more than anything, I am realizing that my body issues will eventually affect my beautiful and perfect baby girl, and that is NOT okay.

So here I go - starting once again down the path to a new me.... wish me luck folks!

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